Friday, July 26, 2013

A Peek Inside My Sketchbooks

In a week or so, I'm taking off on a roadtrip with my mom to go look at schools. Art schools. I don't think I'm really that talented of an artist--I prefer to pretend my specialty is my writing--but it's still something I really enjoy. Especially if I'm creating something that has to do with my writing. So, for a lack of a better blog post, I'm going to show you pictures I drew for my current work in progress, Everlae. A lot of the time, I have to draw out a scene or a specific object in order to figure out how to write it. I make a lot of floor plans and drawings of empty rooms (which never get finished.) I used to think of drawing and company as a sort of side hobby and never really dedicated too much time to it until this past year. Now, I've come to realize that drawing and writing come hand in hand to me--I love doing both as long as there's a story involved. 40% of my sketchbooks are illustrations of Fairy Tales, 20% still lifes,  20% random doodles, and 20% notes for my writing. I guess you could say drawing is very much just a part of my writing process.
Warning: many of the images you are about to see are of poor quality and are not finished.

This was my first attempt at watercolor:

And this was my second attempt:
 I'm not sure what attempt this was, but it's watercolors too:
And here's the sketchbook version of that:

Since I'm considering going into animation, I asked my art teacher what I could do help myself prepare. She told me to create characters. So, the following is where I tried to draw my characters from my novel a la Disney:

 This is an unfinished family portrait for my male MC:

Here is where I was trying to figure out what weapons my characters carried and what clothes they wore:

I was trying to show the change my female MC goes through during the story:

Unfinished drawing of my antagonist:

Semi-realistic drawing of my female MC (colored pencils):

Unfinished map:

Unfinished setting for a scene:

Unfinished random scene:


Some brainstorming for this weird creature I created for my story:

Aaaaaand a floorplan for the house my male MC grew up in:

 What are some things you do for you novels that aren't actually writing?