Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Sunshine Award

I am on a short hiatus at the moment, as I need to finish my damn novel, among other things, but Skye Fairwin has nominated me for a Sunshine Award. I am incredibly honored to know that she thinks of me as a blogger who "positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere," especially considering that this blog is dangling by a thread. I try when I do post, though. I really do. So, the gig says I need to post ten facts about myself. I'm not very interesting, though, so this will be difficult

1. I do most, if not all, of my planning for stories in a sketchbook. This way, I can squeeze in words in every available space without pesky notebook lines getting in the way and doodle along with my brainstorming. I have two whole sketchbooks dedicated only to writing-related stuff. 

2. Just like Skye, I started out on Booksie (nearly six years ago now). I will probably never, ever post another story online again (knock on wood) but I still think Booksie was one of the greatest periods of my life. I met so many writers and learned so much about own writing on there. 

3. I've been on every edge of the USA, but I've never traveled outside of my country. I dream of touring Europe one day, though, starting with Ireland. 

4. I have a severe addiction to lip balm. My EOS collection rivals that of Miley Cyrus'. 

5. I've been working on my current WIP for around 4 to 5 years now. It's evolved drastically from the very first words I penned, but I didn't finish the first draft until May 2012. Call it what you may: dedication, laziness, or a chunky smoothie of the two, but I'm still in love with this stupid story. It keeps me up at night and burdens my every action with guilt, but the feeling of working on it is unequivocal to anything else in this world.
The very first cover I made for it! This is so old. 

This is a newer, less sucky one I made for a challenge during the Unofficial June Camp NaNoWriMo thingy I did with my lovely Writer's circle. *

6. I share a birthday with Jensen Ackles, Ron Weasley, Justin Bieber, and Ke$ha. 

7. For some reason, when I first started drinking coffee, I drank it black. I don't know how or why (maybe I thought it was cooler?) because now I find it disgusting. Pass me my gourmet flavored creamers please and thank you. 

8. ...I may be a spoiled coffeeholic. 

9. The closest I've ever come to meeting a celebrity** was when I went to see the Actors From The London Stage perform Twelfth Night and I noticed that the actress playing Viola/Cesario was the girl who played Olive in Ella Enchanted (one of my favorite movies when I was little).
   Seriously, I've never even been to a concert. Or a book-signing. 

10. I've never held a job, and I'm starting to think that I will never be able to. Not a real one, at least. That whole getting up early and taking orders doesn't bode well for me. Expectations, schmexpectations. 

*If you're confused, Elle Flynn was my alias for several years as I was (am) terrified of combining my real life with my writing life. I still refuse to talk about writing out loud with my normal (I mean this in the least offensive way possible) friends.
**Chief Justice John G. Roberts gave a speech at the graduation ceremony at my school last year, and it was kind of a big deal, but for whatever reason almost meeting Olive was more exciting to me. I don't care much for politics.

I hereby nominate all of the people that I nominated the last time I was tagged for an award:
AND YOU, if you are not on this list and you own a blog. Come on. Just do it. I promise I'll read it.