Monday, June 4, 2012

The Raven Boys

Maggie Stiefvater's next book will be released soon, as evidence of this new trailer. Watch it. It's pretty, isn't it? And the book looks so unique, unlike anything I've ever read, and very Maggie-esque. I'm pretty excited. The first couple of chapters are up somewhere, too. I haven't read them yet because the anticipation would quite literally kill me, but if you are the patient type (or impatient, either works) you should definitely check it out!


  1. :O That looks amazing!! I can't wait for it to come out now. I've heard of the Scorpio Races, that's why she's coming to my school, and they sound amazing too! It's about horse racing. I just want to read Maggie's books now. I think I might reread Shiver...

    1. I LOVE the Scorpio Races. You haven't read it yet? You definitely should.(: The other day, I looked to Shiver for some writing advice...and I ended up rereading the first half. It's so addicting.c;

    2. Now I can't wait to read it!! It is addictive!! The other week, my friend asked if she could borrow Shiver to read, because she'd never read it, and had finally had enough of me begging her to read it, but after I picked it out of my shelf, I read the first page for old times, and ended up reading the whole book :D And then the whole trilogy! But, the whole point of that that essay, was that her stories are SOOO addictive. :P


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